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Standup Evolved Fighting System.Way of the Future
Liberty Party DOJO SYDNEY coming early Feb
Liberty Party DOJO SYDNEY coming early Feb

Alert: Incoming Political Party - Liberty Party Australia, criteria for all Politicians who want to contest a seat in the Australian Federal Elections 2022 ,must show proof of Covid 19 ie, isolated and purified sample in the Natural World. If not, Why Not? Can't produce the evidence, then they can't contest the Elections (Federal or State). Then the 3x R's come into question, ie, Resign, Repent, Run, to the stockade and await the Military tribunals. by steveQmodius.  WELCOME TO "STANDUP EVOLVED FIGHTING SYSTEM"  After 2x years of research we can say that Covid 19 is 100% a hoax.  Whislt doing our research we had  hoped, any member/s of the Satanite Army, ie Politicians, Doctors, Nurses, Police stooges, Main Stream Media, could attend one of the many Satanite daily Press conferences with proof that Covid 19 is real. Ie the isolated and purified sample.  But no.  It seems they  have all sold themselves for their 30x pieces of silver.   However,  the Great Reckoning is upon you all in 2022.  Just our anti-incitement reminder. Australias Anti Treason Federal Elections 2022  Kia Kaha - Stand Strong. TEST:  update: . #Iwantmyvoteback.  Definition of SOCIOPATH:  a person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.  NOTE: Side bar, Law of War Manual PDF, 1200 pgs. Relevant in all FEYS Countries, Study it like your LIFE depends on it..........  URGENT:  HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022 REMEMBER HEAD COVER Continued ........Compare what breachs of the LOW Manual Has your Government State and Federal done, and e still doing. Domicide, Infanticide, Treason, Crimes Against Humanity.  Australia's Government Twitter Account is showing the GOVS Democide of Australian Citizens, by continuing to announce the new numbers who are VAXXED and Boosted.  Well as someone who doesn't like doors on draws and open spaces, the Blue COVID masks are ripe for writing on.  So go ahead, write on them. Since the Satanite Army wants you to wear these ask wipes for no Justifiable reason, YOU  KNOW WHAT TO DO.  Let everyone know as per COVID HOAX, SCHOMO TREASON etc.  Use your imagination. Cant wait to walk thru shopping center and see all the Messages from PATRIOTS. What are you waiting for? (iTs our anti-incitement tool).   Meanwhile, Satanites in NSW are preparing more months of INCITEMENT against the Civilian population. (Warning - if you have had any of those Gov toxins, beware of blood cloats and heart problems - get a blood test now - at the microscopic level). JC1'S.  They will lose.  Fell Pain, Give Pain. Oussaaaaa.  WARNING:   If you are a pure blood, Aboriginal, (Maori - especially my relatives), Pacific islander dont take any Trial BIO weapons, Satanite JAB PIMPS are working hard to kill you and your love ones. Massive numbers of Jab victims in Hospitals, Australias Deep State Satanites are covering it up. They will all be held to account. Thats not a threat, thats a promise. Australias SATANITE GAMES IS Set at GENOCIDE 3.0 . ALL WE - you and I, ever wanted was a safe and successful life for ourselves and our loved ones (family), and their families too. THEN THE SATANITES DESTROYED ALL THAT OVER NIGHT - No one harms our Families ever.  Protect your loved one's at ALL COST.  Forget the Great Reset, we had the GREAT AWAKENING, now its the Great Reckoning. KARATE REMINDER: Any Martial Arts Organisation pushing Jabs ie toxins on their students, (especially the young ones), like the rest of the Major Organisations who are part of Masonic moron Great Reset Satanite Army, you will be held to account. Each to their own, but don't try and make your own, my own. by  Self ordained Angel Warrior Steveomodius.   

This Self defence system is dedicated to the memory of the late Shihan Tokujun Ishi, Osu.  Э -To my dearest Elena whose support helped make all this possible. SPASIBA  #Iwantmyvoteback.   Hold the line.  For those who like to spy on their neighbours internet useage, illegally, and complain, known as Usefull Idiots, make sure they have stepped down the Rabbit Hole aka Great Satanic Reset  DARK WEB, first otherwise Zero.  PS. DONT FORGET, when the lockdowns etc are completed, and we are a free State, and those responsible held to account, we WILL be holding our FREE 1hr daily Domesric Violence Self Defense Classes, and our anti PTSD  Karate Classes.  REFOCUSING IS IMPORTANT.   Physical workouts are one of the Best anti stresses, mixed with good diet, good friends. If you have been or are working with a uniform, make sure to check your skin. ie doing 12hr shifts, skin cancers can slowly appeer - if you have a scratch anywhere and it doesn't heal get it looked at immediately. by TRIGGER MASTERR  aka angel warrior 20th aka SteveQmodius et al.

NOTE: From 2022 our dojo will be known as C.M.C. Dojo Sydney. by AW Steveomodius.  

So many Satanites, Expose them Enphesians 5: 11, we will  too at Hobbies now Forensic Crime Analysis, all Crimes. .  In 2022  we have a new syllabus which we will share with you. It has basic requirements, plus, need to have 1st Aid Cert, Fitness Cert, Biomichanics Cert, Sports Psy Cert or better. You  dont want to be compared to a McDojo. Remember. "don't worry about Politics, it will find you."  Some of us went to the school of hard knocks (Kings) and University of commonsense - so forgive my spllng. Our Fight System Patron Saint is  Saint Michael. Two atributes of a decent Human Being, Humility and Empathy EQUALS Conscience and  Compassion.

Our V.I.M.E.R Approach to Martial Arts is one of the strenghts of S.E.F.S. through our Visionist Martial Arts. For 2021 and beyond using the 5x layers of thought instruction methods.  In everyday life we use the first 3x layers of thought. We teach Visionist Martial Arts and P.F.A. through our 4x  and 5x layers of thought. Life Changing it is. Warning We use Subliminal messaging, muscle memory techniques, for you to learn as part of YOUR  Positive Self enforcement for you to protect yourself and loved ones. We don't tell you how to think, nor who to vote for, but give you the best Idea's on how to fight,  because we care about YOU. Osu. 

V.   Visualise. I.    Internalise. M.  Memorise. E..  Equalise. R.   Repeat.    To learn this method.  come to training.

Hi and Welcome.  What does this fight system teach you? All systems work the Cardio, Strength and Flexibility. We add extreme core training, extreme timing training and extreme visualization training. We will be adding our Anti Domestic Violence against Women initiative. Which means womens FREE self defence classes ongoing bases.    TOUGH IT OUT OR GET OUT   Disclaimer    a/aT

All I know is FEAR, I see it in YOUR eyes, don't let fear hold you back.  

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