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Standup Evolved Fighting System.Way of the Future
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"There is nothing you can teach me - but everything." "I'm no saint, I might have been a sinner, now I am an Angel Warrior 20th."

Welcome to our Website SEFS, in 2021 we will advance our Visionist Aproach to Martial Arts. Inbetween Karate Self Defense classes, we will be lecturing on Western Civilisation and the Scientific Method.  I am ANZAC4TRUMP CEO of S.E.F.S.  It is heartbreaking for me to be on my website to tell you this.  Earlier in 2020, did you wake up one day and your Just Over Broke (JOB), was gone, due to your Government lockdown over the FLUVID 19 CCP virus. Then you had to apply 10x unrealistic conditions to reopen your DOJO. Then you were conned. The COVI19 CCP bioweapon virus was released for just one thing, to make sure President TRUMP is not realected.  Please peruse https// and https// Unfortunately for Australia and New Zealand control of the Media is 99 percent Socialist.  As martial artist, you would study target areas and target groups.  In  December 2019 CCP Bio weapon virus was released, however we soon observed that it mainly affected the elderly and those with pre-conditions.  It was also part of the BUILD BACK BETTER, CCP GLOBALIST RESET.  One World Goverment. Now as some of us are retired Para Militaries, we could see this happening since 2016. We know that, "who watches the watches."  ie, shadow spook units do not go unchecked. Hence President Trumps shadow spook Battalion, the 305th, "The Kraken." watching the Treason occuring in real time. So, if your Prime Minister sprouts out these words, Build Back Better, then they are compromised. Did they have a recent election and won by a healthy marjon. Hmm, maybe or not servers off shore had something to do with this.  Opposition Parties in Auzz and Nz SHOULD CALL FOR BALLOT AUDITS NOW.

Okay, enough negativity with Pollies, Wait A Minute have to throw this out - We support the Australian Army especially the S.A.S. 2nd Regiment, they have already been found guilty in the COURT of Public Opinion by Blabba Saint Schomo de Warb. aka Australian Prime Minister Morrision, who has given his Middle Finger to Australian Voters in so many ways ps The KRAKEN never lies. "TO KNOW IS TO UNDERSTAND."  Please lurk Pedes and dive deep (legally), into finding the TRUTH of the 2020 USA Election.  Standby or not. Socialist Media say, "don't let the TRUTH get in the way of a good story."

 This self defence system is dedicated to the memory of the late Shihan Tokujun Ishi, Osu.  Э

 -To my dearest Ellen whose support helped make all this possible. SPASIBA

Video is ON WE MARCH - The Marching Song of the Christian Military Command. Commander General Crackin.

STAY SAFE PATRIOTS :  The World is going through TROUBLING times now.  Please peruse the linked websites. Be Ready HOLD THE LINE. 

Training your students competently.  Good, in 2021 we have a new syllabus which we will share with you. It has basic requirements, plus, need to have 1st Aid Cert, Fitness Cert, Biomichanics Cert, Sports Psy Cert or better. You  dont want to be compared to a McDojo. as a greaty Hanshi once said to me, "don't worry about Politics, it will find you." (karate). Osu to that. Stay Safe, post again in the next few weeks.  Some of us went to the school of hard knocks (kings) and university of commonsense - so forgive my spllng.

Our V.I.M.E.R Approach to Martial Arts is one of the strenghts of S.E.F.S. through our Visionist Martial Arts. For 2020 and beyond using the five layers of thought instruction methods.  In everyday life we use the first three layers of thought. We teach Visionist Martial Arts and P.F.A. through our forth and fifth layers of thought. Life Changing it is.

V.   Visualise. I.    Internalise. M.  Memorise. E..  Equalise. R.   Repeat.    To learn this method.  come to training.

Hi and Welcome.  What does this fight system teach you? All systems work the Cardio, Strength and Flexibility. We add extreme core training, extreme timing training and extreme visualization training. We will be adding our Anti Domestic Violence against Women initiative. Which means womens FREE self defence classes ongoing bases.    TOUGH IT OUT OR GET OUT

All I know is FEAR, I see it in YOUR eyes, don't let fear hold you back.  

Know any BLOOD MONEY JUNKIES ? Make sure YOU dob them In - Save lives. Remember the Best drug in life is LIFE itself.   This SEFS is developed by retired Full Contact fighters and retired Para Militaries, a truly tested Fight System- No apologies. When it comes to Belts - "We don't give them away." COMING SOON, OUR S.T.R.O.N.G Acronym.


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