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Hits and Misses; includes; hints, don'ts and do's, and what Force means ie equals mass x acceleration

IMPORTANT:  The website will have some very interesting training strategies for men and women. Including my new tai chi classes whilst using the Sai.  Therefore, I called these workouts SAI CHI.  Soft and Hard Styles.


HINT 1: Do realize that no matter how you train, you will huff and puff, its all about recovery time. As you know, the healthier you are, the quicker your recovery.-- get breath back quickly by ibuki breathing.

HINT 2:  There is one constant in life - that is CHANGE.

HINT 3:  Remember, we do kihon with many different techniques, thigh, middle, high, kicks, blocks and punches, that's all good, but don't neglect your core training as you MUST develop your Core strength from DAY 1. Try doing kihon with weights vest, wrist weights, again adding strength to your core whilst keeping your technique, timing etc.

HINT 4: Don't be embarrassed training to fail - as it shows you where you are at - do ibuki breathing when you fail - will quickly get your breath back so you can progress - get used to it. I train to Fail at every workout.  Works for me. (which means getting out of your COMFORT zone, I do that 10x a day in my working role).

1. Don't psychic yourself out before a tournament, always be determined as we all get nervous, just learn to visualize and simulate yourself out on the mat, doing what you do best. There are plenty of positive reinforcement DVDs etc, that work. I had one called the "Dance of the Martial Arts." which taught me through visualizing, positive reinforcement in Martial Arts.  

  • Don't listen to fitness hype and be sucked into negativity, ie, this won't work, that won't work, go with your instincts - especially with joining techniques - if one needs to see them work - contact me anytime.
  • My view - Don't Juice up- its a short term gain for a lifetime of misery.  Natural ability is everything. With learning Joining technique's you bring out your full potential, your natural ability to its fullest.
  • Don't stand toe to toe with your opponent, they are the days of the dinosaurs. Do be a smart fighter by using your joining techniques.
  • Do start on CORE Strength training TODAY.
  • Do get a medical clearance before trying any of this websites fitness strategies.
  • Do question what you learn/do in the fight game. Most used word is, "WHY."  The 2nd best answer is "BECAUSE."
  • Do train to your own abilities. If at first you aren't up to it, fine, don't give up, be determined and with continued Practice over time, you will get there and use your FULL POTENTIAL. (remember that word TENACITY- never give up - never surrender).
  • Do be creative with what you learn and, that works well, but can I do it even better? (that's what visualizing and simulating is all about). 
  • Do remember that you must have a strong CORE. no matter what weight division you fight in, as a person, your CORE must be strong to go the extra yards by wearing weights vests, wrist weights, using heavy sledge hammers etc, as well as everything else you do, as they will strengthen your CORE in no time. (It will also get you to a high standard where you stay-keep training though).
  • Do re-evaluate your fight game, strategies, goals, as often as possible, make changes when needed. Accept Change. 
  • Do practice shinai, defence/joining techniques at every opportunity.  

NOTE: Everything noted above you have to know and do, (yes ibuki breathing, visualizing & simulating, 3x time zones etc), for level 1 white belt, level 2 green belt to progress to level 3 brown belt level 4 black belt levels (in fact all that and more), The knowledge points in the knowledge centre page, will change slightly each month, some points added, some points deleted.  Each month has a new joining technique for you to learn .

Force = Mass x Acceleration -

Force = Mass x Acceleration - IMPORTANT NOTE: This formula tells what our arms and legs are doing, however, it does not give any information on the damage these limbs do when hitting another target - That info is obtained through awhole lot more Formulas.

"If you cannot see it coming - you can only FEEL it arriving."

Lose weight. If you want to accelerate your arms and legs more quickly, then you need to maintain the same strength and reduce the mass of your limbs. If you want to accelerate your body more quickly in a step, drop some extra tonnage and you will be able to increase your velocity more quickly – assuming you don’t do some stupid crash diet that causes you to lose muscle and strength while losing the fat.
Build strength. If you want to accelerate your body more quickly, then increase your strength so that your muscles can bring more force against your body’s weight.


The longer the distance, the higher the energy. We will now show that the energy changes linearly with the distance the fist travels from the time of initiating the punch to the time of impact. For this, recall the following two physics formulas:
v = at and L =1/2 at 2,
which indicate that the velocity, v, equals the acceleration, a, times the time, t, and that the length, L, equals half the acceleration times the square of the time. Eliminating t from the two formulas, we obtain
v = p (square root of  2 L a),
which means that the speed increases with the square root of the distance. Substituting v into the expression of the kinetic energy, it follows that
EK = m La.
This proves the linear dependence of the energy on the dis-tance, and shows that a longer arm can reach a higher speed at impact.

Technique                                           Max. speed
Front forward punch                              5.7 − 9.8 m/s
Downward hammerfist block                   10 − 14 m/s
Downward knife hand strike                    10 − 14 m/s
Front kick (maegeri)                             9.9 − 14.4 m/s
Side kick (yokogeri)                             9.9 − 14.4 m/s
Roundhouse kick (mawashigeri)            9.5 − 11 m/s
Back kick (ushirogeri)                         10.6 − 12 m/s

Kicks are between three and six times more powerful than punches.

 If you don't see it coming - you will certainly feel it arriving.'"

Heads Up News from Angel Warrior 20th

ROUND ONE; For those of us who aspire to be the best we can be in the Martial Arts with Kyokushin Karate backgrounds, one would honestly want to have the Technical Brillance of the Late Andy Hug.  Some of us in our armoury have the ability to utilise, head kick, axe kick, spinning kicks and so on. However, in the past generation through 2020. I haven't seen any technical brillance at any of the Australian Kyokushin Full Contact Tournaments.  Perhaps I am not looking hard enough, maybe I'm not qualified to make that decision?  I do believe that there seems to be a lack of ability from Instructors to advance their students to be the best that they can be, by not allowing them to reach 100 percent of their potential. The reasons being to numerous to mention, although an important one maybe that they don't want their student's to be better than they are, some would say their ego gets in the way. When you look at these great Kyokushin fighters of the past two generations and beyond, their technical brillance should not be ignored but admired and importantly mirrored and improved upon.  At Redemption Dojo opening soon, YOU WILL BE taught to utilise 100 percent of YOUR potential, as the instructor/s leave their ego's out the door.  You wil be taught how to do the Axe kick, head kick, spinnning kick etc to the best of your abilities, as these techniques have always been part of head instructor Angel Warrior 20ths armoury. So you maybe able to replicate the late Andy Hug fighting style with your own  Tecnical Brillance.  Just because YOUR instructor/s  may not be able to do an Axe kick or spinning kick etc, shouldn't mean that you too will miss out. If that's the case then your instructor/s are not looking after YOUR interest.   If I were to attend a full contact tournament and pay 20 to 40 dollars to watch the fights, I would like to see Technical brillance. Since my retirement from FC fighting some time ago, up until now, I do not see it.  In this modern era, instructors need to lift their game and get their student/s USING 100 percent of their potential.  Come to DOJO and I will teach you how to do the axe kick, head kick, spinning kick and many other techniques, as I leave my ego out the door. Use VISIONIST Approach at all times ie V.I.M.E.R.

ROUND TWO:  The ongoing push for self promotion.  It is interesting to see from my view point - as I NEVER have an opinion, the self promotion of certain groups or clicks within differing Martial Arts bodies.  At the moment I am seeing numerous Dan gradings being given out left, right and centre.  Some would say that is fair as you would want some recognition of time spent instructing others and so on.  I say, Each to their own, but don't make Your own, my own.  In SEFS we have only four belts to black belt, then progression through to level twenty,via five steps. I see a few person/s I may have come across one way or another over the years, being promoted by their peers up the Dan grades. Interestingly, some earned, some not.  If they can and do display Technical brillance then fair enough one could say, however, that system is open to abuse and is being abused.  The worse thing one could do is stay within a BUBBLE.  I have seen this and the result I believe now is the lack of their students Technical Brillance at tournament time.  A bit like the old low kick. double punch mentality.  Considering the old guard are still around promoting this, its understandable to a point. That is to win at any cost.  So hopefully, Dan grades are less obtainable to the fakesperts out there. Importantly, one would inspire in their students to be the best they can be, developing an armoury of techniques that others would want to aspire to and be called Techically brillant. Please view the link to Andy Hug instruction video to get a better understanding of where I am coming from and going to with this discourse. If this discourse upsets you, your ego etc then no worries, at - INCOMING: you can be shown how to be Technically Brilliant.   Maybe its time to move on from the same old same old and get out of the BUBBLE.              

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