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Hi and welcome, this website is for men and women of mature age, due to the extreme training and fitness methods used.  Training in this fight system, heavy emphasis on core strength, visualisation, muscle memory, therefore this  fighting system stresses joining techniques developed through EXTREME repetative training methods,  EXTREME Partner training, bringing your eye hand leg coordination to its highest level whilst developing a continuous Strong CORE. " If you don't believe in having a Strong CORE - don't read any further."

REMINDER: Note: If you have any illnesses, heart problems, knee or other relevant injuries past or present then seek the advice from a medical practitioner before attempting any of these training strategies in the Knowledge Centre.

MY FATHER PASSED AWAY IN early 2000's, JUST BEFORE HE DID, HE GAVE ME A CARD WITH THESE WORDS OF WISDOM ON IT.  " Yes, you can be a dreamer and a doer too, if you remove one word from your vocabulary, IMPOSSIBLE."  (Unknown). 


MY FIGHTING SYSTEM. I am always asked by people about my fight system. Especially if I do anything different than the main stream fighting systems?  I say, no to the fact that I do not teach any different kicks or punches that are not already in full contact systems.  I do say that I teach the timing of such movements. That is, I teach how to close the gap between blocking and attacking techniques.

The foundation is always in the strong basics, hands and feet, as always you take the hit to condition the body, you do heaps of repetition to kai of every technique, you learn your blocking and countering/ attacking movements, including switching, faking and your own individual techniques whilst developing a strong core then onto partner training with extreme training methods that need to be developed to use the joining techniques. No Gaps Joining techniques are the icing on the cake so to speak within your fight game. Once developed and YOU can use them comprehensively, then you have became a Joining Techniques Specialist.

SNAPE OUT OF IT - Are you complacent, been doing the same old same old, for years, can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, Why not learn joining techniques .You are standing in fight position facing your partner, take one step to the right. Now grab another partner, pad up, video the session with joining techniques. Do so for 1x month. Video tape that session, In fight stance, step to the left, face you original partner, fight using joining techniques. Video tape, watch video afterwards, see the transitions. Now you can see what others can't see. - IF YOU ARE NOT USING A 20KG WEIGHTs VEST EACH TIME YOU DO YOUR HEAVY BAG WORKOUTS - WHY NOT?

"I have not permitted myself to be ignorant of any martial art that exists." -Mas Oyama

TECHNIQUES OF THE MONTH - incoming 2023 reset -  Each month I will write out the technique of the Month, January being the easiest - through to December being the hardest. REMEMBER: Most joining techniques are done as your opponent is attacking you.

To develop these joining techniques, again you have to partner up, pad up and practice in the SLOW TIME. In my view, these joining techniques can be very successful to use, in full contact, class kumite, in self-defence on the street against those Sucker Punch warbs and booeee;s.  HOW TO - PRACTICE BELOW COMBINATIONS FOR This Month - OPEN YOUR MIND.  Prepare to start again in January 2020. Enjoy.

  • Step 1:   Fight stance - shadow spar, slow time, hands and feet, 5x Minutes make sure visualise. 
  • Step 2:  Shadow spar, joining techniqus hands and feet only, visualising as you do.    
  • Step 3:   Face heavy bag, hands only, straight punches slow time, then visualise joining punches. 
  • Step 4.  again Five minutes shadow spar in front of mirror, visualising joining techniques.
  • Step 5.  Face heavy bag, doing kicks only, slow time, low kick, middle, high, visualising then do joing kicks in slow time visualising throughout. May wear weights vest, and test yourselve as its hard to visualise under extreme physical pressure. your choice.   
  • Step 6.   Face bag, doing hands and feet techniques and joining - you choose time and effort Open MIND.
  • Step 7:   If with Partner, try to tag each other, with joining techniques - (still wearng padding). take turns, it can be alot of fun, 5x minutes each way is good. Have fun learning these joining techniques..  
  • Step 8:  Make sure you do use the reflex equipment daily ie  - shinai, floor to ceiling ball, etc.
  • Be aware of you own abilities.  Warmup the lower back, before, during and after exercises. No excuses.
  • Practise against opponent - slow time first. Next Practise against partner using SHINAI
  • Practise against opponent in slow time, they attack you with punch's or kicks, you join with H and/or F.
  • It will not be long before you have your timing right -your confidence will be sky high, no more worrying about thigh kicks. When you do get your confidence with using this kick in real time, then you are on your way to learning and using all the other joining techniques, hands and feet.
  • Try leaving left leg out, like bait on a hook, be surprised what joining kicks you can do front left leg forward in fight stance. 
  • Practice same with Shinai, have partner make right side strike to your left front leg, at same time, you do inside low kick join on their left front leg. Do so in real time and then speed up to, advanced real time. Don't be in a hurry to learn to do these joining techniques, you can't get them overnight, however, do practice them for the rest of your standup fighting journey.  
  • Once use to it, wear weights vest, wrist weights, 16oz gloves and do joining technique on heavy bag, visualize and simulate them into your heavy bag work. 

Practice all this in slow time, don't count out loud. Learn to develop your eye hand leg coordination. 50x each to start, last 10x in free time, no counting, wait for the technique in slow time. BE AWARE: Once you use it successfully, you won't stop using it and you are on your way to using your full Potential.

KNOWLEDGE POINTS: Each point below will help you on your Standup Fighting Journey

  1. 3x Time Zones
  2. Visualize and Simulate
  3. Opponents body movements
  4. Partner training - why?
  5. Why wear weights vest and wrist weights????
  6. Use of the Shinai.
  •  Don't use steroids - its a short time gain for a life time of misery. In my fighting day's the use of steroids, etc, was rife, now its more so. Real BUDO do not use them - CHEATS do.  
  • Don't ignore no gaps joining techniques - Most fighters, instructors don't know what they are and cannot teach them comprehensively. Don't ignore them as they are life changing.
  • Do develop a strong CORE from Day 1.
  • Do remember that YOU cannot learn No Gaps Joining Techniques overnight.  You need TENACITY to make them work. Passion and Consistency also helps.
  • Do practice Joining Techniques for the rest of your standup fighting journey.  NO REGRETS

Knowledge Point 1: 3x Time Zones - Slow Time, Real Time, Above Real Time: Are in everything you do.

What better way to understand your progress with partner training and joining techniques than making time zones. Once you understand the time zones for learning and developing techniques, it's like riding a bike, you never forget. It's a lot easier when teaching techniques to anyone really to have time zones.

As we all know, we all learn in slow time, and as we progress with joining techniques and extensive partner training in slow time, you learn to read your opponents/partners body movements and progress with better eye, hand, leg, coordination. If you don't have the 3x time zones in your training, you do now, more about time zones on my web page, What can I teach you.?

  • Step 1: Partner up, pad up, practice inside low kick join against outside low kick, slow time, don't count out loud - preempts movement 
  • Step 2: Body punch, block joining, and inside low kick join, slow time - video tape Steps 1&2, 1st session only

Do these 2x joining techniques for 1x month, video tape session again, compare the videos and see your transition.  These joining techniques grow on you, 10-20mins a day for 1x month in slow time.

Knowledge Point 3: Visualizing and Simulating: Must be in everything you do in the Fight systems.

Wow, what a beautiful thing, to be able to visualize and simulate your hands and feet techniques at all times. Visualizing  you see it, and you see it through your eyes and in your mind. Simulating your techniques is your response to visualizing. A great example of this is when you are shadow sparring. Depending on your own ability, try basics first. Content Removed for Copyright reasons.

Knowledge Point 4: Opponents Body Movements: Must know and do.

One of the hardest things to learn is to be able to read your opponents body movements. Can it be done? Well yes, as long as you have the tenacity to learn. It is obviously easier to learn something if you have a basic understanding of what to look for. A way to learn is to stand in front of a mirror and watch yourself loading up hands and/or feet techniques in slow time.

  • Step 1: Stand in front of mirror in fighting stance, lift left heal up slightly as if about to do thigh kick, do same with right leg, get eye use to movement
  • Step 2: Lift front knee up slightly as if to do front kick, back leg also, get eye use to movement
  • Step 3: In fight stance shift hip slightly forward as if about to do thigh or front kick
  • Step 4: Fight stance guard up fend with either arm as if to punch out

Practice steps 1 to 4 in slow time,get use to leg, arm movement, practice separately at first then when confident, moving to real time, mix them up. 

Knowledge Point 5: Partner Training Explained: Must know and do.

Partner training, do we ever do enough of it?, I would say No. Partner training comes in many different formats. In my fighting system, it is used extensively with hands and feet techniques. It is the foundation of this fighting system and works well with the 3x time zones, visualizing and simulating, and ibuki breathing techniques, and much more.

  • Step 1: Partner up, pad up, everything in slow time, next to nil contact, inside low kick against outside attacking low kick, don't count out loud, both sides practice 50x each,
  • Step 2: Add Shinai, 1x side uses Shinai and does simulate the outside low kick (note not the inside joining low kick), 50x each, slow time.

That's it for a month, doing everyday, to get the eye hand leg coordination, don't be in a hurry to learn joining. You have the rest of your standup fighting journey to learn and use it.

Knowledge Point 6:  TBC

Knowledge Point 7:  SHINAI: Must use Shinai extensively for reaction training.

It must be realized that the SHINAI (Bamboo sword), is used widely in my fighting system. It is used primarily for reaction training only. I do not use the Shinai as a weapon against someone doing full contact fighting conditioning - training, unless it is agreed upon by the fighter as a tool to help the fighter get the best out of him or her. NOTE: As my level 1 and 2 DVD stipulates, do not aim the Shinai at the face, throat, groin, solar plexus, heart, neck, head or joints. Respect the Shinai, don' full around with it. Don't leave it lying on the ground, place it upright with handle touching ground, Don't step over it.  

The Shinai is used primarily to get quicker reactions from those who use it.

  • Step 1: Partner up, shin pads and forearm pads on, other partner uses Shinai in slow time only, simulate with it a right leg low kick against your partner who will at first, do a shin block on the Shinai, nor do you use full force when simulating with the Shinai, slow time is also next to no contact with the Shinai to start, practice this 50x then swap around. (share the love).  Swap around again until both happy with progress,
  • Step 2: Now same movement with Shinai in slow time, defender now does inside low kick against attackers (Shinai holders) inside support leg, remember slow time, wait for Shinai, do plenty of partner training like this to start. Repeat until happy with progress.

Again learn in slow time, even if you are super good. This is one of the easiest joining techniques to learn, and after a month or so of practice, try it in class during free fighting, Once you start to succeed with the basic joining techniques, your confidence will be sky high, Keep practicing the same basic joining technique throughout your standup fighting journey, don't be in a hurry to get to the real time, and above real time as it will come before you know it. Secret is to Keep practicing, you are developing your eye, hand, leg coordination more than ever. Don't forget though, keep practicing  your blocks, attacking techniques etc, eventually your Armoury will be full.


After 1 year of this hard training you will be explosive with your punches and kicks. Wearing a weights vest at every oppurtunity, all bagwork. Keeping core strength is a must. Enjoy the Ride. Osu.



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