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IMPORTANT:  For us over 50's. It is obviously aimed at us over 50's who wish to continue living happy and healthy lifestyles. The website will have some very interesting training strategies for men and women. Including my new tai chi classes whilst using the Sai.  Therefore, I called these workouts SAI CHI.  Soft and Hard Styles. I will post a couple of videos about it. 

If you have questions, or would like help with your standup fighting game, or more information, please leave your name and contact information and I will respond as soon as possible.

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Dojo Address early 202x??? Coming Soon Sydney Australia

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Sneaky fracker workouts I didn"t mention - Okay I do these workouts Too.

1.  I do pull ups, chip ups, dipps, lunges, kangaroo squat jumps up stairs, sprints with weights vest, and or pulling tyre on incline. and much more, these are extra core strength training exercise and must be done to keep your core strength above normal. Add extra weight for best advantage.  If you are training but not doing these exercises, I highly recommend them - so add them to your daily workouts today. You don't have to be a Full Contact Fighter to do these, but to protect you and shine your AURA they must be done. I also do squat lunges that is bunny hops as a main part of my training in and out of the dojo. Great for kicking power, sprints, try and do sets of 10 on flat, month or two later try up stairs, make sure knees and back are upto it. Not all of my training strategies are mentioned in this website. Happy Training.

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