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Standup Evolved Fighting System.Way of the Future

Level 1. easy mode –White Belt.    “LEAVE YOUR EGO AT THE DOOR.”

Note: If you have any illnesses, heart problems, knee or other relevant injuries past or present then seek the advice from a medical practitioner before attempting any of these level 1 to 4 training techniques. WARNING: S.E. fighting system includes extreme fitness/fighting strategies, suitable only for persons of mature age.  My fight system is a Civilian self defence system.  "Fighting system is innovative and the Way of the Future."

Hi and welcome to Standup Evolved Fighting System, with our Seft A.T.S. ie Sefs Assisted Targeting System is our Full Contact fighting system. Hence, only the four (4) levels, (belts). It is expected that you will be a human being who believes in humility and empath. We wear our new Karate Full Contact uniform, known as the iion Suit ( pronounced Eon suit), which is a white karate uniform with shield on both shoulders. A white belt, green belt, brown belt, black is worn to reflect your level of expertise.   

My definition of Joining techniques for this fighting system = " To counter your opponents attacking hands and feet, directly and indirectly." This definition is open to wide interpretation however, learning this fighting system puts it all into perspective. As a Retired Kyokushin Full Contact Fighter, a similiar style is conducted. All techniques and commands are in Japanese with emphasis on V.I.M.E.R. approach to martial arts. Each technique is done with the Karate yell, "kai." Exteme visualization is learnt from day one as well as learning ibuki breathing techniques.

level 1 continued:

At this level you will be taught basic hand and leg techniques which are done to the karate yell, kiai, no less than one hundred (100) times each. Extreme visualization will be learnt and practiced throughout this fighting system. You also learn extreme fitness training methods which will lead to you developing a strong Core and learn the ibuki and nogare breathing methods which are also learnt throughout this fight system.

Importantly, you will be taught to Open Your Mind by visualizing & simulating your blocking, attacking and joining techniques. You will learn timing, distance, in and out movements, and side way movements - are you better with hands or feet, it won't matter as you will learn to be good with both as you progress through this fight system.

You will be taught the use of the Shinai, bamboo sword which is an important tool for reaction training and is widely used throughout this fighting system. You will learn to read your opponents body language, in the fight game and in life generally.

You will also learn the use of the floor to ceiling ball and know that it is an important part of your daily training to get the eye hand leg co-ordination your opponent doesn't have.

You  will be taught the three, {3} time zones, i.e., slow time, real time and above real time as they are an integral part of the teaching method in this Fight System. You cannot learn this fight system without knowing the 3x time zones..Eventually you too will learn to SEE WHAT OTHER'S CAN'T SEE 

DATA REMOVED FOR Trade Mark (tm) REASONS – My fight system is a SIMPLE fight system, easy to understand, however, very HARD TO APPLY.


This is level 1x white belt level, The beginners level. At this level you learn all the basic techniques, hands and feet, basic stances, visualizing and ibuki breathing techniques.  Hundreds of repetitions are done to the kia. 

You develop a strong Core from day 1x. Then emphasis on partner and reflex training to get your timing right. There are minimum standards that need to be met before advancing to Level 2 Green belt.  


To develop yourself to the next level, you need tenacity.  At this level, you also need the basic training equipment to advance,

ie, sledge hammer for the strong core, weights vest also, wrist weights, heavy bag, shin and forearm pads, 16oz gloves, floor to ceiling ball, Shinai for reaction training, all which you will be shown how to use correctly.

Then practice, practice, practice, as you cannot develop this fight system overnight. But over a period of time,

some will pick it up quicker than others, then you will not look back, and you will be on your way to using your full potential. Enjoy.

Enjoy your Standup Fighting Journey. S.H.

IMPORTANT:  For us over Fiftys who wish to continue living happy and healthy lifestyles. The website will have some very interesting training strategies for men and women. Including my new tai chi classes whilst using the Sai.  Therefore, I called these workouts SAI CHI.  Soft and Hard Styles. See my you tube site, and 50upfitness as I will post a couple of videos about it. Here's a workout for us Over 50's, I call it the "Hour of Power Trifecta."  Equipment needed, stepup machine, exercycle, cross trainer machine, box gloves, floor to ceiling ball, 6x jigsaw mats to standup, lie on.

Step 1: Meditate IN for a couple of minutes, then stretching whole body, Step 2: Now you have warmed up, do 10x minutes on step up machine, finish that, Step 3: 5x minutes of Floor to ceiling ball, glove up, start punching, kicking ball, Step 4: 10x minutes of  Exercycle, at your pace = Step 5: 5x minutes on floor to ceiling ball, you set pace, then Step 6 do 10x minutes on cross trainer machine, you set pace.  Finish with light Floor to ceiling ball, then stretching  then Meditate OUT.  Remember the Hour of Power is YOUR hour to Workout at YOUR pace and abilities. 


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