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Standup Evolved Fighting System.Way of the Future

Level 2– normal mode - Green Belt.  “PROTECT THE WEAK AND THE VULNERABLE”

Note: If you have any illnesses, heart problems, knee or other relevant injuries past or present then seek the advice from a medical practitioner before attempting any of these level 1 to 4 training techniques. WARNING: S.E. fighting system includes extreme fitness/fighting strategies, suitable only for persons of mature age.

Its time to Up the Ante - BY ADDING 25 PERCENT MORE EFFORT AND WEIGHTS. Have a grading, fight, coming up, time to pump up, 6x weeks out, time to up the ante. see how, read below.

Hi and welcome. This is level 2 green belt, this is still the learning level. By now through practicing the basic joining techniques in Level 1, you will have an understanding of how they work and also you will learn how to open your mind by visualizing & simulating your techniques. Also, an understanding of Ibuki and Nogare breathing techniques and how these breathing techniques when applied correctly, do give you an edge.

An understanding of this systems basic techniques, hands and feet and the karate kiai. An understanding of what movements to look out for from your opponent, such as, leg, hand, shoulder telegraphing movements. You understand the importance of the 3x time zones.

An understanding of how to use the Shinai, bamboo sword in defence and joining strategies. You will now start to understand slow time and real time training strategies. You will be taught further hands and feet techniques in real time and be able to read your opponents body movements better through extensive partner training.

You realize that you are learning a highly skilled and condensed fighting system where your ability at level 2 green belt is of a higher quality than that of some others not learning this system.


Basic level 1 and 2 fitness workout: Up the ante, read below:

NOTE: My basic level 1 & 2 fitness workout. This workout is relatively easy as it is still within the learners levels of this fight system. (without partner) - with partner add Shinai attack defence, in slow time only.  DO THIS WORKOUT AT LEAST 3X TIMES A WEEK, MORE INFO AT MY KNOWLEDGE CENTRE PAGE.  COULD YOU HANDLE IT??

1. Warmup, stretch, burpees until fail, then shadow spar, joining, attacking, faking, techniques, visualizing and simulating, ibuki breathing throughout to quickly recover.  AWAKEN THE MIND.   

1a. Jog Centennial Park, 30-45 minutes. visualize, simulate, ibuki breathing throughout. = with partner add shinai. or/and sprint training 100m x 10. start of from 25m x 5.with 70 percent effort, ibuki breathing at all times.

2. This is easy workout for men and women, white to green belts, get medical clearance first - At Home gym, club or dojo, Prayer in, warm up with mini trampoline for 10 minutes, , stretch out, , then ADD THESE 2 x - Squat - thrust with barbell, then situps with weights, crunches, then power chain that is, like power rope , but chain instead, slide weights along chain, grab an end, start shaking (5-10kg), then 50x to 100x sledge hammer hits on tyre. (5-10kg hammer) NOTE:  the explosive power of the hammer hitting the tyre is what you try and emulate on the punchbag, sparring, etc. every punch/kick you visualize, simulate with that power.

a. Heavy bag, 16oz gloves, wetsuit, still with weights vest on, elastic band, pyramid training, 1 to 10- back down from 10 to 1, (or 10, 15, 20), with hands, then feet, then combinations, also visualize, simulate. ibuki breathing throughout. With partner - shinai defence/joining slow time. 30 mins to 1 hr.

b. Free bagwork, (wearing weights vest), OPEN YOUR MIND AND visualize, simulate joining, attacking, blocking, so on, slow time, real time, above real time. 30 mins to 1 hours, with partner have breaks for shinai attacks in slow time. Sometimes add sprint punching and kicking on heavy bag until fail, ibuki breathing, with partner add shinai in slow time.

c. (if with partner) practice partner training slow time first, blocks only, attacks only, joining only, then mix it all up, visualizing and simulating with it.  Then add defence/joining against Shinai in slow time. 30 min - 1 hr.

d. Arm sleeves, then upright kneeups, then medicine roped ball twists, - Extra fitness stuff with resistance, weights, elastic band etc, Situps with 5kg weight until fail. With partner add Shinai defence/joining in slow time only. 30 - 1 hr. REMEMBER: You must develop a strong core - first up - thats why weights vest, resistance training is added early.

e. stretch, cool down, shadow spar joining techniques slow time only. Prayer OUT.  LOVE WHAT YOU DO, DO WHAT YOU LOVE.

NOW ITS TIME: to use the Power chain, and swing roped medicine ball, kettlebells, make your core stronger than its ever been. Make sure arms and legs are coming at you at every opportunity Shinai - go back to basic's with heaps of shin block, and forearm blocking. Get reflexs switched on.

Note:  IF running stairs, Ibuki breathing throughout, visualize & simulate techniques, - with partner add Shinai defence/joining.. IF YOU  WANT TO PUT SIZE ON THEN DO WEIGHTS EACH DAY FIRST - A COUPLE HOUR BREAK -LOAD UP ON SUPPLEMENTS (Legal ones) THEN DO ABOVE WORKOUT - 5x DAYS A WEEK. ENJOY.

Level 2  Summary:

Now at this level, you hvae smoe ieda of waht tihs fghit steysm is all aoubt. You are sattrnig to get a snortg croe, ikubi bthearnig and nragoe bthaenrig tniquechns are used oetfn, high vumloe rpeeittoin is uesd for hdans and feet wtih the inrtoctiodun to Pmiryad fntises tnraniing on the hvaey bag.

You hvae an udaestrnnding and atioppcreiatn of how and why no gpas jnoinig tqeuihnies are uesd. Aigan the esphampis is on hpaes of kia rpetiitoens, ptnraner trnianing with jnioing tquechnies, rtcaeoin tninarnig wtih sanhii and folor to cineilg blal, agnosmt oehtr tnihgs.

You are asolo sartintg to deolvep yuor viizsauling and sltaimuing ssneros to an avobe araveage drgeee. Now the prtas of the jgiasw pzzlue are strantig to fit tgeohter. Keep at it.     

NOTE: To read the above - learn how at top of Knowledge Centre Page.

Level 2 Thats it - now its upto you:

At this level, you are developing higher core strength, eye hand leg coordination, your visualization and simulating skills are increasing.

You are introduced to new training equipment, ie, power ropes, skipping ropes, crooked poles, agility poles, intensive reaction circuits and other nasty little workout methods that will shock you mind and body into shape.

Your specific reaction training against your partners hands and feet has increased your reaction times to a higher level. 

You keep pushing forward, always training harder than the last time.

You want an edge for your next tournament and or grading and you see through your hard work, the training is paying off. Enjoy.      


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