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Standup Evolved Fighting System.Way of the Future

Level 3 – Hard mode -Brown Belt.  “THE BEST DRUG IN LIFE, IS LIFE ITSELF”

Note: If you have any illnesses, heart problems, knee or other relevant injuries past or present then seek the advice from a medical practitioner before attempting any of these level 1 to 4 training techniques. WARNING: S.E. fighting system includes extreme fitness/fighting strategies, suitable only for persons of mature age.   THIS FIGHTING SYSTEM IS INNOVATIVE - THE WAY OF THE FUTURE.

Level 3 continued:

Hi, and welcome. Wow you are now at level 3, brown belt, well done. This level is the AWAKENING LEVEL. Now the hard work really begins. You are on your way to developing that INNER CALMNESS which only extensive fitness training with the shinai under extreme pressure can develop.

At this level you have a higher Knowledge and understanding of visualizing & simulating your joining techniques. You understand and practice daily the Ibuki and Nogare breathing techniques. You know the importance of pyramid fitness training to get the extra endurance out of your arms and legs. You are well versed in joining techniques at slow time, real time and understand the importance of the above real time - time zone.

You will know that your standup fighting abilities have improved through these training strategies and you realize the importance of partner training to gain the eye, hand, leg coordination that your opponents don't have. Your Core strength is developing quickly through this fights system extreme training and fitness methods.

You are starting to pick up the value of above real time joining techniques. Your fitness has increased with some extreme fitness strategies, such as, running 5kms, and every fifth lamppost, sprint one lamp post distance at 70- 80 percent effort. You will find that most lamp posts are set at different distances. ( dropping down to every 3x lamp posts as your fight approaches).

Or else you have run the Cairo Street stairs at South Coogee, (211), 5 to 10 times and on the last set, when your arms and legs are burning (don't forget the extra 5-10 kgs in your backpack), then your partner attacks you with the shinai. Great way to get your hand and feet reactions improving.

You can now watch fights of any style, club, and organization and see who is or isn't using joining techniques and see what you would do in their place.


Moral Fiber is what separates good people from the bad. Moral fiber is the capacity to do what is right  even when we think no one is looking.

  • A business person with strong moral fiber would decline a bribe and put their self interests aside for the benefit of the company.
  • A parent with strong moral fiber helps their kids to succeed even if it means they have to make sacrifices.
  • A wife or husband with good moral fiber dose not cheat or lie to their spouse even if it is to save themselves.
  • A person with good moral fiber does not do things to intentionally cheat others and when given the opportunity does things to help those less fortunate.

Level 3  SUMMARY - Rounded up:

Wow you are now at lveel 3, bwron blet, wlel dnoe. Tihs lveel is the Aknewaning Lveel. Now the hrad wrok rllaey bgines. You are on yuor way to dpolevenig taht INENER CLANMSES wcihh olny enstxivse ftesniss tninriag wtih the sanhii udenr eemxrte pssruere can dveeolp. You vulae the fcat taht you msut do viuazsinlg and sluimintag at eervy ounttippory.

You konw the itortpmance of rtitepeion wtih ethryvveing you do in tihs fgiht stsyem. You konw and do the 3x tmie zneos, solw tmie, rael tmie and ancadved rael tmie.

Toughrh yuor eustxhaive tinirang in tihs fhgit stesym you are sarttnig to dloevep an iennr cnemalss wlshit udenr eremxte mtaenl and pichysal pssruere and you can do no - gpas jininog tniqechues to a hgih lveel. You konw tihs is waht you wnat to do for  the rest of yuor sdtuanp finihgtg jrnoeuy.  

NOTE: Learn to read the above - learn how at top of Knowledge Centre Page.

Level 3 Thats it - now its upto you:

You have quicker reaction times and can read your partners/ opponents body movements and react with no gaps joining techniques within a split second.

Your core strength is very strong through your devoted, training routines which you do continuously to fail. You use resistance training extensively, be it, in the gym, dojo, outside in park, stairs.

You only want to warmup with the slegehammer, do heavybag with weights vest, because you know the HUGHE value of such training. You have grown to LOVE reaction training - no gaps joining techniques with partner, shinai training.

You know the importance of this training to get your eye hand leg co-ordination and overall timing to the high level you are at now.   ENJOY


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