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Standup Evolved Fighting System.Way of the Future

WEF GREAT RESET STATUS - under masonic filth leadership Worldwide - SOVEREIGN, COMMON OR QUARANTINED.  (Are you awake yet). Trigger Masterr. see links attached for more info.  What is YOUR Biometric ID number? Hunger GAMES come to life?

HEADS UP:  Sydneys City to Surf This weekend, 14th August 2022. If you are jabbed please reconsider - perhaps sitting this one out.  Full affects of the Jabs are just getting KNOWN.  We have been doing the C2S for past 15x years. This time though, we expect alot of runner stoppages - I'm sure you know what that means - we'll be monitoring it. NOTE:  5G Towers are on the C2S Jogging route. Be mindful of what that could mean to YOUR health. These Truths written below have been removed and soon on  

"One shot, two shots, three shots, four, how many more shots, before you hit the floor? One shot, two shots, three shots, four, how many more shots, we say no more."  Doctor William Bay - Legend. July 2022 (for the historical record).  

Update: One jab, two jabs, three jabs, four, how many more jabs before you hit the floor? One jab, two jabs, three jabs, four, how many more jabs before we say not more. By steveQmodius. ( Status -Quarantined). Added Australia 1 - Law of War video part 1 of 10. But really, taking back the Country through Elections? Riggghhtttttttt. Introduction to Australia 1 ideology.  Warm and fuzzy as it is, it ain't us. However, "TO KNOW IS TO UNDERSTAND. by steveQmodius. Wait A Minute - what the heck are they wearing A1 T-shirts? hhhmmmm.

PURE BLOOD OPERATED DOJO IS HERE NOW AT NAREMBURN - MANY MORE COMING. COVID HOAX SAFE. WE STUDY GERM THEORY VERSUS TERRAIN THEORY 101, did you? KAI TAHA - Stand strong. NOTE: Christians can't fight they say, hmm, Fighters of the Golden era are dusting off our white uniforms and as JC1's - wait till you get a load of us. WE ARE ANTI INCITEMENT - THEY ARE INCITEMENT. Liberty Party Dojo's Sydney Location  Co-ordinates:  -33.8168402,151.1948079    Hall loca Corner of Station St and Park St Naremburn.  As a Christian I cannot have a Jab or Booster/s, as I see them as Suicide Jabs, and or assisted Suicide- we Christian's cannot commit Suicide. Show us the isolated and purified sample of Covid19 in the REAL WORLD.  Tues 7 to 7.45pm Womens Self Defence Training - part of our anti domestic violence initiative. Thursday 6pm until 6.45pm - main anti incitement full contact classes afterwards. CHIEF INSTRUCTOR IS A RETIRED KYOKUSHIN FULL CONTACT FIGHTER FROM THE GOLDEN ERA 1970'S,80's90s. Fought for his Country 3x Times - Met Mas Oyama, fought tournament in front of him. FEEL PAIN, GIVE PAIN.   DOJO enquIres ph PURE BLOOD STEVEO on mob 0+++++++++++ incoming.

TIME: 7pm to 9pm   -  6pm to 8pm                      PURE BLOOD DOJO BUT ALL WELCOME - NOTE BELOW DOJO ENTRY RULES:

DATE:  Tuesday      -    Thursday (for now)

LOCA:    Hall at Station St x Park St Naremburn.  (North Sydney, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA).  Phone mobile +++++++++++ incoming.,


1.   Private Dojo - Right Of Admission Reserved.

2.   Leave your EGO at the door.

3.   Training of Mature age only - Medical clearance requried.

4.   No iphones as WE DO have CCTV when needed.

5.   Follow the instructions of the CEO SteveO aka Angel Warrior20th.

5.  Do not attend S.E.F.S if illegal drug or alcohol affected.

6.  Bring water, yoga mat, towel. Wear dogi's (Karate uniform), or appropriate loose clothing.

7.  No face coverings allowed - not good for you doing 100x pressups with a baphamet mask on.  

This website is a Virtual Dojo since 2012. We strive for a lifetime of fitness and freedom, without the burden of satanic cults taking all this away from us. As retired Full Contact fighters from the Golden era of the 1980's and 1990's, and retired Para Militaries who never wore an apron, we now are Forensic Crime Analysis, researching through all crimes.  Most recently, investigating these truths or not, is SARS Cov 2 real? ANSWER IS NO.

KIA TAHA, This Self defence system is dedicated to the memory of the late Shihan Tokujun Ishi, ET AL, Osu. STANDUP EVOLVED FIGHTING SYSTEM THEME SONG:  My Standup Fighting Role.  Song 1x in the 6x Angel Warrior 20th Christian music album.  Song 2x Awaken Crusaders of Faith, 3x A Call to Action, 4x On we March - Marching song of the CMC, Christian Military Command, 5x A Celebration - Christian PTSD Song, 6x A Revelation.  To my dearest Elena whose support helped make all this possible. SPASIBA  #mandatesneveragain.  

This Website is first and foremost a VIRTUAL DOJO and has been so for the past 10x years.  Any political views expressed here through our affiliate websites Centerrightnews and Libertypartyaustralia are our views only, not of this website hosts. Any discourse about this can be began at INCOMING:  Our S.A.T.S ie Sefs Assisted Targeting System.  Grading system only four belts, as per our gaming levels,  easy mode is white belt, normal mode is green belt, hard mode is brown belt, very hard mode is black belt. 10x fights for white belt, 20x fights for green belt, 30x fights for brown belt, 40x fights for black belt.  Thats per grading syllabus.  Must dominate fights using JOINING TECHNIQUES.  Our S.A.T.S is Copyright 2022 Worldwide. PS. DONT FORGET, when the Sheep Awaken and the MANDATES exposed, those responsible held to account, we WILL be holding our FREE 1hr daily Domestic Violence Self Defense Classes, and our anti PTSD Karate Classes.  REFOCUSING IS IMPORTANT.   Physical workouts are one of the Best anti stresses, mixed with good diet, good friends. If you have been or are working with a uniform, make sure to check your skin. ie doing 12hr shifts, skin cancers can slowly appear - if you have a scratch anywhere and it doesn't heal get it looked at immediately. SteveQmodius et al. Question: Within the 7X Tiers of Society are they run by Masonic Morons. If yes, then All have committed TREASON against the FEYS civilian populations. Step away. The 3x R's apply, ie, Resign, Repent and Run to the Stockade and barricade yourselve's in, once the Vaxed find out what you have done. by Trigger Masterr.,

NOTE: The above video from Sgt HORTON is being reposted - the connections from 1999 to this day - are telling.  If the WEF and Their Great Reset Sovereign, Common and Quarantine tags are real, then it's more likely that America's C*A are funding it through their 5x Star Trust.  A Bottomless masonic filth money pit. SEFS Theme song called, "My Standup Fighting Role." Copyright. Worldwide 2015 - NOTE: Liberty Party Dojo incoming - my view - no white hat or black hats, just EVIL PEOPLE.  False flags incoming. Kia TAHA. Our Political Website, Liberty Party not org, Our Media Centerrightnews.  Our Self defence system - here, SEFS. All political notifications here will be transfered there. Then this website will be back to being a Virtual Dojo. Make sure to learn workouts shown throughout this website. Your Life and those of your loved one's depend on it.   So many Satanites, Expose them Enphesians 5: 11, we will too at  Hobbies now Forensic Crime Analysis, all Crimes especially Satanite Army one's, Political one's et al. In 2022  we have a new syllabus which we will share with you. It has basic requirements, plus, need to have 1st Aid Cert, Fitness Cert, Biomichanics Cert, Sports Psy Cert or better. You  don't want to be compared to a Mc'Dojo. Remember. "don't worry about Politics, it will find you."  Some of us went to the school of hard knocks (Kings) and University of commonsense - so forgive my spllng. Our Fight System Patron Saint is  Saint Michael. Two atributes of a decent Human Being, Humility and Empathy EQUALS Conscience and  Compassion.

Our V.I.M.E.R Approach to Martial Arts is one of the strenghts of S.E.F.S. through our Visionist Martial Arts. For 2021 and beyond using the 5x layers of thought instruction methods.  In everyday life we use the first 3x layers of thought. We teach Visionist Martial Arts and P.F.A. through our 4x  and 5x layers of thought. Life Changing it is. Warning We use Subliminal messaging, muscle memory techniques, for you to learn as part of YOUR  Positive Self enforcement for you to protect yourself and loved ones. We don't tell you how to think, nor who to vote for, but give you the best Idea's on how to fight,  because we care about YOU. Osu. 

V.   Visualise. I.    Internalise. M.  Memorise. E..  Equalise. R.   Repeat.    To learn this method.  come to training.

Hi and Welcome.  What does this fight system teach you? All systems work the Cardio, Strength and Flexibility. We add extreme core training, extreme timing training and extreme visualization training. We will be adding our Anti Domestic Violence against Women initiative. Which means womens FREE self defence classes ongoing bases.    TOUGH IT OUT OR GET OUT   Disclaimer    a/aT

All I know is FEAR, I see it in YOUR eyes, don't let fear hold you back.  

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